So, I know I've gotten a couple of BS people involved in the little internet radio program I do as an extension of my MMA writing work, not sure how many of you actually listen. But, we are doing an episode about bullshido practices next week and I'm going to try and get some more BSers on. Obviously, the people reading this site are some of the people we expect to listen.

So, before we get to that I just wanted to apologize for the show I just did before people who might be interested in next week's show check it out. Two seconds before we went live, the storm knocked out our power and my two phone guests wondering to each other out loud what was going on was the show's intro.

Then, when I finally did get everything working and back on the air I never recovered from the initial shake up. I stutter, I repeat myself, and if anyone who takes issue with my writing wants to see me fail miserably this may be the episode for you. Thankfully, the guests managed to drag me back to safety with less damage than I might have taken.

Haven't listened to it, yet. Don't plan on listening to it until I take the rest of the day off to mentally recover. It's here if you want to take pot shots at me.