I'm a 50 something lad from the East Coast, been in external m.a. for 2 decades, some training before that; the internal has captivated me for the last 6 or 8 years; but recently, I've progressed in the internal because I finally started doing it daily, and immursing myself into a solid routine.
I taught self-defense for a bit, mostly to women, because I hated the way they get abused and I pointed out how to hopefully get out of danger!
And that is the principal outlook on my fighting plan; to defend myself, I will use the quickest, most powerful way of hopefully winning the fight.
I've studied baguazhang a bit, chi kung, and just LOVE the Chinese Arts! I work with resistance regularly, have done so since I was 8 or so, and use explosive reps to tie in with my m.a.
I take quite a few supplements, I believe in them no matter how well I eat! I learned about Vit D-3 10,000 mg, and how it can improve some people's health, and about 2,3 months after starting it, a skin basil cancer lesion on my arm pretty much disapeared just as I was going to have it cut out and biopsied.
I will always strive to learn more on many subjects, and will help when I can!