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    Pacific Northwest HEMA Alliance Gathering

    "Come join us Memorial Day Weekend to learn, train and cross swords with some of the finest historical martial artists this side of the Mississippi. This two-day event will be held in Ellensburg, Washington on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of May. Registration is not limited at this time and currently set at $50 per participant. This will be a family friendly event so non-fencers are invited to cheer for their favourite fighter.

    Saturday the 29th will be a seminar led by Stewart Feil of the True Edge Academy and will present a day long seminar on Integrated Methodology for Fighting: Sword & Buckler/Longsword.

    Sunday the 30th will be the Drei Wunder study group presenting material on ringen training and drilling. This material is primarily aimed at helping other groups develop fundamental grappling skills to aid in their own ringen training and scholarship. It also happens to be more fun than a barrel of drunken pirate monkeys.

    We have been generously donated access to a private residence on a large piece of land and an indoor facility for training, so weather will not be an issue. There is also some indoor sleeping space available that we are reserving for those bringing family, otherwise bring your tent for an authentic camp out! We will have access to the residence for the bathroom and kitchen as necessary, but this is a private home and we have no doubt that everyone attending will show the utmost respect for our host and his property.

    Make sure to bring the standard equipment helmet, cup, gloves, wasters (longsword and single sword), buckler and athletic clothing. For the ringen material we also recommend a mouthguard if you have one.

    Please PM me to register as soon as possible. This will be an unprecedented opportunity to meet and cross swords with some of the top talent in the HEMA community in the picturesque Pacific Northwest."

    For some reason the quote function doesn't want to work with this block of text.:violent1:

    Anyway, I'm a member of the Drei Wunder study group in Portland, OR. If anyone's interested in attending this gathering we'd be happy to have you. Just let me know.

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    It was awesome.


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