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    Quote Originally Posted by sochin101 View Post
    Ummm I thought you wore an eyepatch.
    Yeah, but the OTHER eye.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAMickey View Post
    Yeah my elbows don't meet either, turn your shoulder as you 'carve' punches and you'll be fine.
    I've taken to carrying my hands a little lower to compensate... I'd rather take a shot offa my forehead than under the chin(s).

    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    They're night and days, so the extra moisture may be an issue.
    That's what she said?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Plissken View Post
    Yeah, but the OTHER eye.....
    You need a monacle. You'd be able to see better, and no-one would punch you, as they'd appreciate your air of debonair grace.

    Quote Originally Posted by tao.jonez View Post
    Last week I popped a guys contacts out twice, both shots were glancing right hooks to the cheek/eye. They were soft lenses, but that's all I could tell you.
    I dub thee Jonez Lenshunter, scourge of the flat-eyed lens wearer.
    Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.


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