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    I thought that was Franklin. I could see Jefferson saying it though; hell, even Adams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Wheel View Post
    Taking this argument to its logical extreme: You and I get into a fight in the middle of Manhattan. You bring a hydrogen bomb, and I bring a device that blots out the sun for 100 years. Which one of us is up for parole first?

    Where would you get such a device? I already know where I would get a hydrogen bomb.
    Seriously though, I understand your point, and can even agree to a certain extent. My issue comes from the fact that it is really hard to come to an agreement on which guns should be allowed to be owned and which can't and evertytime an agreement is reached someone comes along and wants to add more weapons to the banned list. I also have a real problem with hearing that the founders couldn't have foreseen modern weapons (which they couldn't have) and that if they were still alive they would support the banning of private ownership (which I believe is pure supposition and not supported at all by their actions when they were alive).
    Personally, I think there our ways to limit the types of weaponry available without simply making them illegal to own. In the case of your hydrogen bomb theory - simply make the import fees on one so high that no one could afford to pay it. Tanks, bombers and the like belong to the federal gov't and can only be sold with their permission, which pretty much prohibits a private citizen from obtaining those. In my opinion, banning the ownership of just about anything is dangerous and each time we allow it the gov't seems to take another inch while working towards the mile.

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    I was cool with using the subject of the OP for a gun control discussion, but the last page or so has more to do with politics and "hydrogen bombs vs Blotting out the sun."

    I think we are done with this discussion. If you feel the need further discuss this, feel free to rock out here: Ground Zero - Sociocide

    Thread Closed.

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