I train BJJ currently, but i'd like to focus on some stand up, mainly interested in Muay Thai. I'm located in southeast Michigan in the Detroit area and came across a school which I can't find any reviews on and I just want to see if anyone has any experience with them.


This is a main interest for me, mainly because it's very close to where I live. Their site says they have programs which involves coaching and setting up fights for you, which is a plus. I can't find any reviews or posts based on the actual legitimacy of the training, or who even teaches the muay thai and mma classes, or payment rates.

If anyone trains there or had any experience with them, please let me hear about it. Or if someone knows any other good Muay Thai schools in the SE Michigan area. I've read about Warrior Way, but the distance of the daily drive there and back would not make that a viable option for me right now.