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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    But in the long run escrima is empty hand and very much like WT
    I believe the word you're looking for is "Kali"

    So does WT have the butterfly knife forms in it?
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Backfistmonkey View Post
    So the drill is usually a bit more open ended then ?

    Cool, I can dig that .

    It is obviously not a sparring video you dildos lickers .

    Are you saying the point of these drills are to train visual reactions ? If so wouldn't some kind of actual feed back instead of constant reward be better ?

    It was fun thanks for sharing.

    LARPing . Honor System LARPing at that .

    I still think free movement , proper gear ( in this case fencing masks and padded sticks ), and less "you do this, I do that " would bring about better results.

    The bits shown would require almost super human accuracy and timing not to mention more than a little luck to get the results of unbalancing and/or stopping/disrupting a strike mid swing as shown, when you simply add mobility and intent to actually hit you .

    I am just not impressed by playing pretend . No matter how good the theory looks .
    We all play "pretend" if training with someone who's not intent on taking your head off. How the hell is one to train muscle memory, condition their reflexes, and embed some quality principles while fighting? Answer: you just can't. When fighting, you find out what you KNOW.
    (& for the record, this isn't from me. It's from guys like Moshe Feldenkrais, Carl Cestari, Applegate, Fairbairn, guys that know a thing or two about fighting.)
    Playing "pretend" is what made arts like Judo. You take techniques that you can drill over and over and over and NOT kill/maim/cripple your opponent and make an art out of them, and you learn the basics & principles that much quicker. You can't learn to economize your technique when dealing with adrenal flush, it's fucking impossible.
    But... all that "illegal" **** is still in the Judo curriculum, for when it's TIME TO KILL/MAIM/CRIPPLE. Not to say that you can't achieve the same ends with "sport" judo, there are just more expedient ways to do it with standard jujutsu, but how do you "drill" such techniques? By playing "pretend".
    "Judo is a study of techniques with which you may kill if you wish to kill, injure if you wish to injure, subdue if you wish to subdue, and, when attacked, defend yourself" - Jigoro Kano (1889)
    ***Was this quote "taken out of context"?***

    "The judoist has no time to allow himself a margin for error, especially in a situation upon which his or another person's very life depends...."
    ~ The Secret of Judo (Jiichi Watanabe & Lindy Avakian), p.19

    "Hope is not a method... nor is enthusiasm."
    ~ Brigadier General Gordon Toney

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Jude View Post
    for when it's TIME TO KILL/MAIM/CRIPPLE. Not to say that you can't achieve the same ends with "sport" judo, there are just more expedient ways to do it with standard jujutsu, but how do you "drill" such techniques? By playing "pretend".

    I am just saying all that theory is awesome and full of win and triangles but you gotta get out there and bang for me to take you seriously . If it is stick fighting in any form then there needs to be more than compliant drilling because you are dealing with a serious topic in which **** goes bad quick.

    I want to see how people move under pressure . I want to see the techniques being shown used in a manner that is somewhat definitive . I don't want to train "interrupting cow" if it falls apart when **** gets crazy . I haven't seen anything from Latosa except theMOOOOOOory .

    Granted I haven't put all that much effort into My search but I have searched a little here and there .

    I guess what I am trying to say is the closer the practice is to the real thing the better your results will be . So lets see some Latosa in free play with proper gear . .Then I can comment on the approach and mechanics .
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost55 View Post
    Violence is pretty uncommon in clubs in this area, and the dude didn't seem particularly hostile up until the moment he slapped me.
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.

    Quote Originally Posted by WFMurphyPhD View Post
    Slamming the man in the bottom position from time to time keeps everybody on their toes and discourages butt scooting stupidity.

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