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    Contract Help

    Ok... few months ago I contact my instructor/owner of MMA place that I was leaving. I am now in Korea, for 2 years and I am not going back to Delaware. I asked about cancelling and he said I can't that basically I have to pay it off or something. I can have a friend join and take my spot though!! Or we can put it on hold until I come back... I explained I'm not going back to Delaware and he says he will talk to me at the facility the next day. He has his kid in the hospital cause he is sick.

    I show up and he is not there, the instructor said he is sick with the Flu and isn't going to show up. I call him and he sounds good and says "are you there?" I say, "no I left because you weren't there." he explains that he has high blood pressure from his trip to Spain. Blah blah blah... "I will call you back tomorrow. Is this your home number?" he asks. I say yes and he says okay... I try calling him back everyday before I leave and he never answers, I leave messages and he never replies. Hell I am in Korea and my mom leaves message and he never replies. Honestly I hope he died but I doubt he did.

    He is a crook and he hardly taught, MMA was a joke. BJJ was pretty good, but everyone went balls to the wall with no focus on training, they just act like its the championship fight every time. I really disliked the methods here so I hardly went. Mostly got injured by them anyways. I basically paying this guys bills.

    Now I am in Korea and he is not offering me the goods I am paying for. I am a student under his contract, shouldn't he be here training me? I have scans of the contract and will post it up.

    Anything I can do? My bro has a good friend who is lawyer, can I just stop money from coming out of my account? Do I have to send in contract to halt payments. Why would it take 60 days anyway?

    I don't know much and I kick myself every day for this horrible mistake.

    Thanks for your help, let me know if you need any more info.

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    First, you signed it you can't complain about the 60 days, that is on you. It is a way to get $416 more dollars out of you. It is a shitty tactic but, again, you signed the contract.

    If your brother has a friend that is a lawyer, you should be talking to that person not us.

    It states that you have the right to cancel if you move at least a 100 miles away. So, by his own contract, you are rightfully and legally able to cancel the contract.

    Have you exhausted the options in #2? That is your first remedy. Have a family member send a certified letter to the gym stating where you live, with the necessary proof. Make sure they pay for the certified and keep the receipt. That is proof that you sent them a letter. If he will draft a legal letter for you have the lawyer do that for you.

    Second, it is Lawsuit time or,cancel the credit card.

    Oh and good on you for actually posting a contract instead of typing a bunch of gibberish.

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    $400 is a lot more what I would like to pay then another F'N year!! Thanks for your help, I can't complain too much, I fell for it. I was so wanting an MMA place and when this came around I couldn't resist. Only to realize it was piss poor training. Free BJJ here though once my Gi arrives... I can pretend I am paying for that. =D


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