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    UFC 112 - April 10th 2010 - top of the card

    Two Championship bouts and a grudge match of sorts will get me to make the buy.

    Here's the full card:
    Light Heavyweight bout: Alexander Gustafsson vs. Phil Davis

    Demian Maia vs Anderson Silva for the MW belt. Maia is my absolute favorite fighter in the UFC. He's not the best, I know, but I would take a face-punch from Nate Marquardt to be as good as Maia is on the ground. I'm sad to think of his chances at beating Silva.

    Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn - poor poor Frankie Edgar. I really hope this is more competitive than I think it will be.

    Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie - This could be really really good. I'm not particularly a fan of either guy, but to welcome Renzo to the UFC I think Hughes is a great choice. I'm guessing Renzo by ruthless submission.

    The rest of the card is ho-hum for me, but I'm sure there will be some surprises and excellent fights on this card.

    Opinions? Insights? Picks?

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    I'm really really hoping Maia doesn't take the Leites route and get disheartened early on. I'd rather see him get KO'd in the 3rd round than watch another butt-flop marathon.

    LW title fight looks like it'll be good for sure. I'm still betting Penn to win, but Edgar brings the noise.


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