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Thread: The Harsh Judge

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    Hmm, good points. I rescind my previous statement... now that I look at it again, the story seems kinda irresponsible (although "kinda" may be an understatement).

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    I know a BS poster who was attacked by a group of guys and acted quite differently. Will see if I can get him to post his experience as a contrast to Basho's bedtime story.
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    I had and have no intention of asking him to provide witness addresses, further evidence and police records with his name blacked out. I find it amazingly stupid of anyone reading this to presume that I would.
    I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. He blogged a story that someone told him as if it were fact, but he didn't bother to verify it.

    Then he got hit by two buses.

    Take heed of my words! After all, it doesn't matter if they're true, so long as the moral is a good one, right?

    You ****.
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    I find it amazingly stupid that he thinks we presumed he would provide those things or anything like them.

    No Basho, what we in fact presumed is that you'd do exactly what you have done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basho, via his blog's comment section
    When writing an article you try very hard to imagine any possible objections that you may face. Of all the things that I have written, this article has been the first one to really surprise me.
    Most people are intelligent enough to realise that the point of the article is not to be found in the story told by Raymond, but rather by his reactions. I shall speak of this in two parts.
    Firstly, it is not the job of someone writing an article to go out and demand satisfaction from the police and press. I am amazed and shocked that people even expect it. The article was designed to be detailed enough to explain what happened, but the point would remain on the second part. If you read all of the article, you quickly realise that I (Basho) was not present at the martial moment, but that I was the person questioning Raymond about how he felt. He felt terrible. I hesitated for a week before asking him if I may write about it. I had and have no intention of asking him to provide witness addresses, further evidence and police records with his name blacked out. I find it amazingly stupid of anyone reading this to presume that I would. I feel that the man had suffered enough, and I am certainly never going to demand those things to satisfy people over the web.
    That said, onto the second reaction. This, thankfully, has been more positive. Many people have commented here and in other places that what I saw in Raymond’s eyes was indeed some sort of post traumatic stress and that these feelings are very common in survivors who have fought for their lives. I can believe that. I have felt for many years that martial arts instruction is too much geared towards the physical side of combat. If it touches on the mental at all, it is only in terms of making the mind like steel. In other words, making you mentally struggle and to teach you to be “mentally strong.” I believe that forewarned is forearmed. Be warned of the trap and you are less likely to fall into it! We must educate those who we teach to be mentally flexible, not just strong.
    In the end, as the Hindu’s say. “Action should culminate in wisdom.”
    That is my belief, and that is also the point of the article. Raymond is a master of his art, that much is clear by his martial prowess, but even he was not able to avoid the aftermath.
    He is wise about it now as the harsh judge is actually yourself.

    The truth of the premises have no bearing on the truth of the conclusion. I could say, "I'm a martial arts master, and so the sky is blue." The conclusion is true even if the premises are suspect.

    So, it might be true that "the harsh judge is actually yourself," but how did you arrive at that conclusion? Through premises that are, at this point, highly suspect. That's like saying, "You should carry a gun because I got mugged the other day, and if I was carrying one then I wouldn't have been mugged!" It may be true that if he was carrying a gun he wouldn't have been mugged, but if he was never actually mugged then his recommendation falls apart.

    The moral story collapses if there isn't any framework upon which you can relate it. In this case, the framework is the story. Imagine if you didn't have this story to support the morals... would anyone listen to you (or would anyone listen to your instructor friend) if your entire blog post consisted of just, "the harsh judge is yourself"?

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    Brixton is full of crack heads and daytime muggings are not a rarity, however it still all sounds like either an exagerated version of events or just plain BS to me.

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    I looked at Basho's photo album with the link he provided. The certificate is a first degree in a TKD type martial art, and he's got a bunch of air soft pics.

    Nuff said.

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    allriight for it is real a broken spine is a broken spine wether you were waiing for it or not like a broken femur still pretty bad ass but ya you only coment on the pc

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