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    I asked him...he told me he got his blackbelt....It was in the flesh, I just asked him and he gave an instructor...It was on Tuesday.I was talking about the whole Eddies rep coming over to do a seminar and judge our skills and such and I asked him if he had a blackbelt, he said yes.Then I asked "huh where did you get it" he said in the USA under....well I have no idea right now but im training from 6.30 to 8.30 GMT+2 so ill ask him...
    As far as I'm aware, Hanno Vermeulen graded in Japanese Ju Jitsu under my friend Mike Herbig here in Cape Town. I didn't know he was a blackbelt in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by t3h d3adly View Post
    He said that hes gonna grade for his Brown Belt under Eddie and told me he has a blackbelt. Seriously Im just saying what I heard.
    I very much doubt Hanno would grade for a brown belt in BJJ right now, because:

    A) He's currently ungraded, and a white-belt to brown-belt jump in BJJ is pretty much unheard of.

    B) I'm not aware that he's ever competed in a BJJ tourney, and I'm pretty sure that would be a criteria for a 10th planet belt, although he did run a nice tourney a few weeks back.

    I know that he's been practicing 'groundworx jiu jitsu' for a while, perhaps he's grading for another belt?

    I hope this helps...
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