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Thread: SCA Combat

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    As a matter of fact, until recently there was a unit of riot police, in Canada, I think, who did train with the SCA in riot tactics.
    That really is quite cool, I dont think it justifies the claim that the training is designed for it, especially as it is probably not common outside of that district, but still it would be an awesome experience to train with those guys and see the bio-mechanics behind their training.

    Codified systems within SCA ruleset
    Never disagreed that it didnt exist with a rule set, but I've given my opinion on training to a rule set so there's no point me creating another circular argument here.

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    When making a documentary about last year's Pennsic war, I happened to interview a martial artist in the SCA. He is generally acknowledged to be one of the greatest fighters ever in the SCA. His impact on fighting in the SCA was roughly comparable to Babe Ruth's impact on home run hitting or Lawrence Taylor on linebacking. In the interview he ht a lot of the keyword that have been bandied about in this thread. I thought it might make for interesting and thread-relevant viewing.

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