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    Just me

    First sorry for my english, it is not my native language.

    Like the website asked me, i have to present myself; so i see that MMA forum is not so much different than a TMA forum ^^

    I am 28 yrs old. I tryed many different systems like Judo, TKD, sambo, BJJ, pancrase since I was a teenager, and i fogot many. But the main practice I had were grappling, muay thai and musculation, that I do relativly seriously for 3 years.

    Now i study Wing Chun, i didnt know this system before I meet a young master who beat me easily in stand up fight. I found this style really beautiful and intelligent in his conception, and the decid to study it since this last october.

    Now the questions ... I choose this typical sentences we can see all the time by some of MMA pactitionners specially on this website, the most "brain washed" of them.

    Is it really any great surpise that a 'traditional' martial arts practicioner is against the concept of MMA?
    Well if many practionners of TMA are against MMA it is because some of MMA pactitionners are arrogants and disrespectful agains their arts. If all MMA guys would respect more others, there werent any problem I think...
    This attitude doesnt serve MMA. MMA have a really bad image in the normal population. It is considered often by normal people like a very violent and unfair sport, with no technics and subtility, and should be forbidden. Personnaly I like to spare in MMA rules, it is funny...but some guys dissearve a lot this sport by giving a bad image...and attacking every martial art because it is not what they do, and because theses styles are not enough brutal for not a good idea to help MMA was accepted like a beautiful sport.

    MMA proves what works. So it would be a fair assumption that his does not work.
    In your imagination only ...
    I was 12 years old, i didnt know MMA at all and only practiced judo, and at school i fought a guy by a tomoe nage, and then sit on him, raising my fist, but no punching him, just threating him. Then he resigned. Should i train MMA to know that a guy on the ground is not in a good position when another guy is sit on him ? LOL everybody know that, it is totally intuitive ... If you need UFC movies to understand something so logical, buy a brain :)
    In fact UFC producters add a lot of marketing around UFC to attract people.
    The idea that is new (lol how can you believe that fighing is new, it always existed...), the idea that is exceptionnal, different, unic historical moment ... hey, it is not the same things they do when they invent a new sort of cereal box ? ;) It is just marketing, wake up !

    The traditionnal asian approch of fight (what we call "martial art" but should say "fighting art") is about to do something beautiful and poetic with something ugly : violence...
    But a fight stay a fight, guys does punch, kicks, takedowns and so ... what do you expect for ?

    What you don't understand is that there is a special context in a cage, and this context favorise a sort of strategy... if you change context and parameters, the best things to do are not the same...
    Put a Gi and wrestling takedowns didnt work so much, put a hard ground and judo throw can KO a guy, allo kicking on the groin and middle and high kick sux, give the material to a fighter to grap something (like in a bus or subway) to stay standup and takedown a guy is less effective. Every time you changed a parameters or rules, it is a different sport, the best technics are not the same and so ...

    For the ones who criticize internal martial arts like bagua, aikido, tai chi and so ... I think they didnt get something, theses guys have no the pretention to beat myke tyson on a ring, neither to be the best in a street fight, may be just be efficent after a veryyyyyyyy long training. Often this styles came from a very long story, it is about mysticism, religion or philosophy, sometimes energetic healing. Internal martial arts master are able to do strange feeling inside your body. This is really interesting and funny to feel this sort of things ... most of the guys who do that are not looking for fighting of efficiency (or not a fast way to have) but more for exploring their body, and the support is the martial art, the fight, like a pretext. Only with a very high level, it can be effective, but that doesnt mean that they will beat bas rutten lol

    So guys, what is your problem with traditionnal martial arts ? We can feel so much hate in your messages... this is really weird, like you have some complex about it...

    Sure some "fake" master exists ... that deosnt mean that all TMA master are fake, martial arts are often a big business, like MMA are ... Rickson Gracie said that BJJ was the best system to defend yourself in real life. I like Rickson, it is because of him i learn grappling, but i dont find it is a good system to defend yourself, but good in cage fighting.
    A guy attacked me in street very recently, i use wing chun and fight was over in 3 secondes. Do you think i want to rool on the rainy ground with my clothes, with a guy i dont know ? lol To do an ankle lock may be ? And breack his knee ? lol
    I have a friend brown belt in BJJ, he is good on it, hard to fight on the ground. This guy was attacked two times in street and two times he loose badly and very fast... and it was not very dangerous or hard situation ...
    No technics from BJJ was done by him in this situation ...
    If I could take a movie of this events, and post it on internet; could i say BJJ doesnt work ? it would be totally stupid, but it is the way that a lot of guys on this forum think...

    Fake things exist too in MMA, like arranged fights, fake advices, ou fake believes ("only mma works", "kicking in the groin doesnt work, UFC2 proved it" -the most funny- lol). It serves the business.
    It is not MMA, or TMA, it is human nature, to lie to got more money...and to stupid guys to believe stupids things and give their money to think they are invicible with their so much powerfull ankle lock ^^

    I wrote that for the rare guys in this forum still open mind, lol
    Cannot do miracles for others lol

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    Sigh... Welcome to Bullshido.

    What you are saying is not new, and all of it has been debated before. Keep in mind that opinions are like Noses, everybody has one, but some smell more than others.

    The idea that Wing Chung is the ultimate defense system, smells most of all....
    "Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back." -- Hericletus, circa 500 BC

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    Awesomely appropriate screen name.

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    simple: the concept of snake oil.

    many arts try to offer things. problem is, as MA are businesses, they offer too much.

    look at fat loss products: do they work all the time? in all cases? that is usually the sales pitch of MA.

    the difference of the commonly called TMA and the 'alive' arts usually found and consolidated in MMA is that, in MMA, the attitude is" let's see if it works". then they try it in a chaotic simulation:sparring.

    that is why here there is a phrase 't3h d34dly'(the deadly) used in sarcasm to those claiming that their techniques are too dangerous to be used.

    this situation has been discussed over and over in this site. might wanna look up some of them.

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    I am 28 yrs old. I tryed many different systems like Judo, TKD, sambo, BJJ, pancrase since I was a teenager,
    Who did you train Pancrase with? Did you learn the Pancrase palm heel strike?

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    Yawn. Yet another chunner with a downer on MMA.

    Little does he realize that his Chun has ill-prepared him for survival on the mean str33ts of reality. Chun may indeed be deadly - but it lacks the pragmatism, brutality and efficiency of arts that were designed by certified, high-ranking experts for the harsh reality-based scenarios of real 21st Century urban combat. WasteOfTime may talk a big game - but unless he wises up quick and studies something like Choson-ryu Nintaijutsu, Gokan-ryu Karate, Bushido Aikido-te or one of the Brinnjutsu family of martial arts, he's going to be in for a nasty, bloody, teeth-shattering, boot-stomping surprise one of these days, when a homeless person approaches him and asks for change...

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    This smells like a troll. So I'll post my usual response.

    Vids or it didn't happen.

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    Yes, I believe it to be a troll, there are indicators that say his bad English is a put on. If he is not, all I can say is at least he uses paragraphs unlike the wall of text his ilk usually inflict upon us.

    Still TL;DR
    Last edited by battlefields; 3/03/2010 5:11pm at . Reason: Added that I didn't read the whole thing because it was too long

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    So basically you are saying that the Jocks are arrogant since the nerds are actually better at football?

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    In prison i used be fucking of guys like you

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