I had the opportunity to train with Mr. Tanaka and his students for approximately 3 weeks. He and his students were very nice and in accordance the Hawaiian spirit, very laid back but supportive and friendly. Since I only trained with them for a few weeks, I'd like to go into a bit more detail for my ratings.

Aliveness: I gave it an 8 because in the realm of jiu jitsu, they encourage live rolling with no restrictions.

Equipment: I rate as a 6 because the mats are in good condition.

Gym size: I rated as a 7. Mr. Tanaka shares this space with a karate instructor. However, their class times never overlap (it seems that the karate instructor also trains in BJJ under Mr. Tanaka), so space is plentiful. There are separate rooms to change in.

Instructor/Student ratio: classes tend to be small (about 6-8 students), but there is class 6 days a week and on a few days, Mr. Tanaka has 2 available times for class.

Striking: I rate as a 2 only because I myself did not have classes with a lot of striking instruction. Mr. Tanaka is comfortable teaching aspects of striking as they pertain to BJJ (such as leg kicks, or throwing jabs to keep distance), but I don't think this is a true MMA gym. During one of the classes, Mr. Tanaka introduced a type of leg kick and then had the karate instructor go into further detail.

Grappling: Mr. Tanaka is very comfortable with Relson's curriculum and teaches techniques and strategy with confidence. The techniques he taught have worked for me in a at least a couple of rolling sessions so I am confident that he knows what he's talking about. Mr. Tanaka is also surrounded by several locally accomplished purple and brown belts who compete/have competed (see website for more info)