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    Stacked rib damage ?

    About 1.75 years ago I tried to Triangle a guy about 60-70 pounds heavier then my 200lbs. He stacked me and my rib popped out of place with unbearable pain. In the next 2 weeks my rib popped out about 8 times while avoiding Jiu-Jitsu. Each time feeling like I imagine a heart attack would. I couldn't roll for about 3 months. Last week in demonstrating a type of guard passing a purple belt around 245lbs stacked my now 175 lbs body until a rib on my other side popped. Not nearly as bad as before as it stayed in place. It felt more like a bruise from a hard punch. My question is how many guys have had similar injuries and how long before they trained again. Any suggestions for rehabilitation. Thanks.

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    I've had the second type. Didn't go to a doctor though, so I can't say what it actually is. Took me about a month of rest. Don't mess with it. And if you can, see a doctor.
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    A year before I got back to training. But part of the was a punative move on my instructors part because I lied to him about the injury.
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    I did the second type (non-popped) on my right side.

    That was over 2 years ago.

    I still feel it ache and throb when I do too much cardio or twisting.

    I was back training in a few weeks though...

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    Got a subluxed rib while practicing side mount escapes. Took me out of training for six months. It finally stopped hurting, but I still have to pop my rib like some people crack their knuckles a couple times a day.
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