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    So you made the mistake of backing an enormous and powerful fighter with no legitimate skillset before. Why didn't you learn your lesson then?

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    Pudz had a hard enough time with Kawaguchi, So I kinda knew tim was going to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by War Wheel View Post
    Yes, we did, and so did you. Sapp's fight with Mino spawned dozens of "How Big is Too Big" threads and articles. Until Mirko beat him he was tearing up k-1 too.

    Don't try to pretend you were the voice of reason on Sapp. Unless you're willing to dredge up proof.
    sapp beat hoost. twice. im betting he would grind pudz bones to make his bread.

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    Woah. Alex Van Halen got huge. Join us... or die
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobyclumsyninja View Post
    I was right. Next hype for the neo lesnarites????
    They are called Lesnians.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastro
    He screams like a little girl as the pain ripples through his arm, shoots up into his brain, and now your dick is hard.

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