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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafael View Post
    You mean like:

    Besides, minor nerdgasm, because that "Jayce" series is very obviously made by the same character designer that did Ulysses 31, which was arguably the very best animated series ever to hit TV. - In the sense that it was really an animated series for adults, aired on free TV, which was most uncommon in the 80s.
    You know Rafael, we might very well have been class buddies as kids, running home after school to watch anime programs.
    Did you watch these :

    YouTube- Mitsuko Horie / Kurenai Sanshirou

    YouTube- Grendizer Opening

    YouTube- Nils Holgersson - Opening (deutsch/german)

    YouTube- Captain Future german Intro

    YouTube- Saint Seiya Opening Credits

    YouTube- cobra OVA opening with original song HQ

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    Captain Future, yes.

    Nils Holgerson, yes, though it scared the living **** out of me.

    The rest, no.

    As a pre-schooler, I was likely world's biggest He-Man nerd. (Original, She-RA, and New Adventures.)

    After that, things got more diverse, but less awesome.
    NOTHING beats He-Man, sorry.

    YouTube- The Thundercats Opening {Season One}

    YouTube- Spiderman and his amazing friends Intro

    YouTube- Saber Rider Intro


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    Oh, and stuff I watch UNTIL THIS DAY without any shame or dignity as would be befitting for my age:

    YouTube- Detective Conan Intro 1

    ...Because kiddo looks EXACTLY like me and my friends when I was small.

    ...Disturbing, to say the least.

    YouTube- Hajime no ippo opening

    ...Because, let's be honest EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HERE would like to be like Ippo. ...And some of us maybe are.

    ...And this one: No guts, no glory.

    Nuff said.

    YouTube- Galaxy Rangers intro

    And here, the entire track: Kinda catchy.

    YouTube- GALAXY RANGERS - No Guts No Glory - Best and longest version of the song ( with lyrics ).
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    I've been on a fun metal pump lately. That last song's pretty serious, you don't get to see the half-tattooed man hopping around in womens underwear when you're listening, but still. Also, songs of drinking and hunting with an accordion slipped in there also seem to do the trick.

    YouTube- Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Friede sei mit dir

    YouTube- KORPIKLAANI - Vodka

    YouTube- Korpiklaani - Hunting Song

    YouTube- Knorkator - der ultimative Mann

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