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    fixed it for you.
    Awesome by the way

    "I did the Florida story in 2001. I just didn't have time in a 1:40 story report all his issues so I chose the latest..

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    Subject: Mike McKnight RE: Christopher Geary for Governor of
    Mr. McKnight,
    Christopher Geary is a proven abomination to the martial arts community. Go to and do a search for Mr. Geary, you will find numerous threads that account for his lying and deceitful ways. Several martial arts organizations have rescinded his promotions. At such a young age, there's no way this man achieved a 10th degree.]This is just one of his past transgretions:
    Martial arts is not just about self defense. It's about truth, honor, respect, courage and loyalty. Christopher Geary has none of these qualities. He's a piece of trash and although I live on the West Coast, the thought of this man holding ANY public office scares me. Martin Sheen's political character in Stephen King's movie, "THE DEAD ZONE", reminds me of Christopher Geary.Thank you for your time, I wish you a good day.

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    This guy i can assure you will never be governor of this state. He could not hit his butt with both hands. Once in awhile a scammer shows up & you know it right away. Enough said!!!

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