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    Rubber guard in MMA

    George Sotiropoulos´ (damn thats a hard name to spell) use of it against Joe Stevenson at UFC 110 was very impressive and has made me want to learn it. But what was really interesting is that he basically got away with wearing pants. He just wore really big shorts and giant ankle and tights padding.

    People have questioned the use of rubber guard in MMA and said that Shinya Aoki would not do well in the UFC because he wouldnt get to wear his magic pants, interestingly George Sotiropoulos seems to have found a way around this dilemma and if Aoki, the Nr. 2 LW in the world ever does join the UFC then I´m sure he´ll take a page out of George´s book....

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    I'm moving this year so I can train at a 10th Planet gym!

    I also noticed George's magic half-pants. They even had a 10th planet logo on them...
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