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btw, you know what I noticed as soon as this came out?
the ethnic reactions: instead of two socially awkward retards going at eachother the people on the intardwebs immediately vented this ' haha revenge of the white man, boy those n*gg*rz are annoying' tirade.

this is very important as i believe a lot of bs starts by miscommunication.
(arguments or whatever between two people of different ethnicities)
it always seem to make things more serious.
Yep...and as far as public altercations go, people need to learn to let it go. When it escalated, the guy went to the front of the bus and sat down. The black dude that caught the bad one did an interview on KMEL shortly afterward. He didn't sound too hood at all. He said that the guy was making racial blasts before the tape started rolling and he kept ignoring him. Finally he felt as a man he had to protect his honor so he approached him knowing he was going to get his behind whooped. The guy, I believe, is actually 50 years old.

The only thing ultimately racial about this is that a black guy and white guy had a fight because no one stopped to clarify the statement. From the interview, he said he did not underestimate EBM he knew he was going to get his butt whooped. Whatever. Again, honor or not, he should have kept his butt in the back and let it go. What I hate are instigators...they just want to see a fight and don't care who ends up getting hurt.