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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Popkin View Post
    No, no books :)

    The line movements are to show the principle of how the motion travels. They aren't meant as combat dominoes.

    Those knot techniques were used to cramp a person for a split second while the sword was drawn.

    I honestly do not have a good handle on them yet, but when I do, I promise I will let you know.

    Best regards,

    As with anything, context is useful.

    So, is he basically telling them to feel the motion he imparts to them, then transfer it to the next guy in line? An understanding body mechanics through experiencing-type thing?

    Do you guys do empty hand vs. knife, as a matter of interest? I've seen the videos of Shodokan Aikido peeps doing that full-contact with resistance (wooden knife) and it always stuck me as something that could prove to be genuinely useful on the str33tz (if only to give students an idea of how hard it is to fight barehanded against a guy with a blade without getting cut).

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    I have had a crazy few weeks. Sorry for the late reply.

    There are many classical weapons in Daitoryu.

    I have a varied back ground and I like the Philipino style movements for street practicality, but I study the classical Japanese ones to understand why the movements got that way.

    They were really stabbing to penetrate armor, as opposed to slashing multiple vital areas. Different concepts for different reasons.

    Please e-mail me at [email protected].

    I'm not on here often.

    Thanks !


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