Thank you for anyone with their input. My system works for me and the loose affiliation of schools that train the same thing I do.

My 1st degree in FAK is the last skill based ranking I recieved, and that came from a legitmate source.

Under the system I've proposed and the other schools adopted, my 3rd simply means I've trained and student worthy of being promoted to Black Belt in my system. That is a matter of fact and cannot be denied, and does not need someone with stripes than me on their belt to verify.

People like Omega have offered to provide a way to "validate" my ranking, but I do not feel that is necessary at this time. I feel my action corrected a wrong and provided an appropriate ranking to a group of martial artists I know and respect. Although I proposed the ranking system, had the others rejected it, I would not have adopted it either. Their accpetance of the proposed system indicates to me that the people most familar with my skills and my art consider my ranking to be legitimate, just as I consider theirs to be as legitmate as any ranking given out by our instructor.