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    Victory in Defeat


    Thought you might find this article (and the pics that accompany it) interesting. Josh Calvo, one of the most talented fighters I've ever seen, wore the Bullshido gear proudly in the cage. I'll post the first three paragraphs and the pics, as not to infect the site with a novel :). Feel free to click the link to read the rest.




    Itís not often I actually get to see one of our fighters fight in person. I have an awful fear of flying and hate smoke and noise, which explains why Las Vegas is my least favorite city in the world. So I donít miss a chance to go to the local shows to see our fighters, especially Josh Calvo. At barely 21 years of age, his game is simply on another level. Itís scary to think where he could be 3-4 years from now.

    The event is at a beautiful casino about 30 minutes from my house. Iím flying solo, since our videographer is sick, and carrying a bunch of equipment I know very little about. After the usual ďI have no idea where your all-access pass isĒ, someone eventually finds it and I head to the locker room. On the way there, local vendors display their gear Ė lots of aggressive names with demonic goth designs that somehow manage to blend rhinestones and dragons on what appear to be menswear. One booth has an actual plastic skull with eyes that light up. I shake my head and move on.

    I get to the locker rooms and find my way to the red corner. Josh is taking a nap and I feel bad about waking him up. He gets up and greets me with a hug and a smile. Iíve never seen this kid sad. Heís in the co-main event, but he doesnít really seem to care. We chat about Guam (where heís from) and his training. Heís fighting up in weight class, and fighting a kid that won in Strikeforce, seven years his elder. His MMA coach had told me they are looking for tougher fights for him, since heís been steamrolling the opposition.

    Rest of article

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    And some pics.

    Before the fight:


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    That is the fucking ****
    Young fighters, I love every fucking bit
    Sometimes you miss, sometimes you fucking hit
    You still gotta *play* the game like it's a fucking skit

    Damn. My rhymes is getting better.

    Good article, man. This is really why I love MMA and combat sports in general and **** like that. Cats really get to show their spirit.
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    being a dick with skill is only marginally better than being a dick without skill.

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    That was a very well written article Nick. That's a nice shirt as well.

    I'm thinking I need to buy it to go along with my Rupture shorts, which kick ass by the way.

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    This is the first real blog I've written about our company - or anything, really. I'll keep the Inside Rupture section going for stuff like that. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the article.

    I felt this was appropriate to post here, since Josh walked out in our shorts as well as Rupture/Bullshido shirts. In the future, if another blog post references Bullshido in any way, I'll cross-post it. Everyone in Josh's corner knew of Bullshido, which I thought was pretty cool.

    This fight makes Josh 1-1 as a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. To be that gifted, and 21 years old, is truly something. The fight could have gone either way and judges often sway to the guy on top. Unless he gets hurt, or something seriously derails his career, this kid will fight for a major title in a few years.

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    I was looking for the like button, but then remembered I wasn't on facebook.

    Good going.

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    This is an interesting website, i would love to hang out here
    with you guys definitely.


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