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    Virginia Grappling Tournament

    Hey guys,

    On Sunday April 11, 2010, we will be holding a grappling tournament in Hampton, VA at Bethel High School! We welcome all styles to come and participate. There will be both gi and nogi events for kids, teens, and adults.

    To Visit The Official Tournament Site click here: http://www.goldensundojo.com/ECTWCmain.html

    To Download a Flyer or Entry Form click here: http://www.goldensundojo.com/ECTWCFlyer.html

    To view the official rules (with weight classes included) click here:

    ****Please note, the rules for grappling specifically can only be seen by clicking the link I provided above, they are not on the tournament website yet****

    ****In the entry form, it does not specify gi or nogi for grappling, please do not worry. There will be BOTH.****

    The tournament is headed by Montez Dennis who has been running martial arts tournaments for the past 20 years. This is the first year he will be adding grappling to the tournament, and he asked us to run that portion of it. Other divisions include self-defense, kata, weapons, sparring, and breaking. We've been participating, judging, and helping him with tournaments for the past few years and it is always a great time. Here's a video I made from his last tournament our school entered.

    YouTube- World Fall Classic Martial Arts Tournament - FMAC

    I do not expect it to be a very large tournament, but we should have a fair amount of people. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me here, or e-mail me at: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot, hope to see some of you there!

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    Good evening.

    I guess I'll start this off with some questions then.

    1. What divisions will be offered? The entry form only lists "adult beginner, intermediate, and advanced." Does that mean there will be adult gi and no-gi, etc? If yes, why not break those out discretely on the form? How do you know who wants to do what? The striking and other events appear to be broken down in detail.

    2. Do I understand these costs right? It's $60-70 to enter, and $20-30 for each additional division? So if I infer correctly as how other events do it, I'd have to pay $60 + 20 + 20 + 20 if I wanted to do men's beginner gi and nogi, and 30+ beginner gi and nogi? Is it also 30+? The striking appears to be 43+.

    3. Who exactly will be judging for the grappling? What are their qualifications and backgrounds?

    4. Is this grappling only, or are there other striking/weapons/kata competitions going on in this same event?

    Thank you.


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