Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me North American Sambo Tournament results (and superfights). I have many more than listed on the other thread at this point. This project is massive!

We are developing a database for our website (much like sherdog's fight finder) which can be searched by name, event, year, weight class (in lbds or kilos), division, location of event, etc. It will include every sambo tournament/event held in the US and Canada that I have documented results for - regardless of organization. The results must be documented by official results from the org, past event coordinators, pics, certificates, etc. Hearsay listings will not be included.

So far I have MANY events dating back to the early 1970's. But there are still many gaps in years for which I have not event results. There are also gaps in placings as many results I have dug up only list first place winners. Where possible, we will also note uncontested medals.

Nevertheless, this will be the first attempted all inclusive database of its kind for sambo in America. We will also list US and Candian sambists who have competed abroad.

No more questions like "did this or that guy ever compete?". You will just be able to point people to the database. If a person's name is not there, we don't have documentation. That does not mean they did not compete, just that we don't have documentation to prove it.

So far (and I am only about half way through data entry), I have over 600 listings. It has been quite a history lesson to see names and events going back to the late 1970s.

I think we should be able to launch the search engine in about 2 months.