I just wanted to point out that Carlson Gracie Sr. Died 4 years ago on this day, so in honor of his grappletasticity, and the fact that despite training only 3 days a week he was better than we ever can be.

I posted this in the MMA forums, because Carlson Gracie was what I would consider to be the First true Mixed Martial Artist. Being both a GJJ expert, and a relativity (for being a Gracie) Competent striker.

I would also like to note that he unlike the rest of the Gracie family did not leave a legacy of too good to cross train attitudes, even within grappling, shown by his Son Carlson Gracie Jr. who is a skilled Judoka, and Greco roman wrestler.

Finally I leave you with some propaganda on the man who at 17 beat a man who beat Helio.

YouTube- Carlson Gracie Sr. Tribute