Hi all,



Just wanted to let everyone know about this great DVD.
$39.95 for 2 DVDs and just over 4 hours of information.

The DVD was just released in January and is largely made up of a seminar Frank Shamrock conducted at Jeremy Corbell's Quantum Jiu-Jitsu.

The 1st DVD:
The first DVD contains a 2 hour Shamrock seminar.
In it he covers 3 main things:

- solo grappling drills
* Bridge
* Elevator
* Hip Pop
* Monkey roll
* Stand up
* Sit out
* turn around

- positions
* The Dog
* Side control
* back ride

- submissions
* telephone lock
* side choke
* toe hold
* armbar
* kneebar

Its filmed as he conducts the seminar, I believe with a handheld. The picture and sound is clear. The camera follows him around as he first demonstrates, then moves from person to person, giving tips, and correcting mistakes.

Its a great watch, and for me at least, the solo grappling drills were worth the price alone. Something I can practise by myself at home, in between classes.

The 2nd DVD:
The second DVD contains a 1 hour 'warrior yoga' workout conducted by Jeremy Corbell, which is apparently 'yoga designed for the martial athlete and mixed martial artist'.
Its quite a good little workout, and for those that are looking to give yoga a try (I was...), its a good place to start.
I enjoyed it and plan to continue doing it.

It also contains:
* a short interview with Corbell, explaining concepts of Warrior yoga
* a short interview with Frank Shamrock
* promo for WEC6 PPV (Shamrocks return fight last year)
* Quantum Jiu-Jitsu promo/clip
* Shamrock vs everybody

Shamrock vs everybody I greatly enjoyed as well. It featured him lightly grappling with each member of the class one after the other (goes for about 30 minutes total). It was especially interesting to see the students who attempted to apply some of the concepts they'd just gone over.

Considering most instructional DVDs go for 40-50 minutes and on average cost from $30-50, you can't really go wrong with this 245 minute double DVD for $40.