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    Ironmantravers post your questions here!

    Invitied this guy from the UG. Here's what he posted over there...

    From my understanding, Tae Kyon, the actual Korean component of the mashup that is TKD, of course borrowing other arts from the chinese like everyone did, is that old. It was an art developed by peasants to fight armored warriors because as it was pointed out, Korea was demilitarized for a long time when under occupation from its neighbors. Not to say everything is true, but the people who taught me this have much respect and I do not believe they are lies. And Dakotajudo, cognative dissonance refers to me personally holding two conflicting thoughts in my mind at the same time. I'm not conflicted, I trust the people that gave me this info more than you.
    I studied TKD because at the time I lived in Missoula, MT. I wrestled in clubs as a junior and for the Sentinel HS team. I started TKD when I was 6 at the U of M because it was one of the only schools of any kind up there at the time (86). Also, they were in a habit of making champs. Why not study? On top of that, since the program was through the university it cost me $10 a semester! Fantastic school, great teachers. After, I went to New Mexico for college and actually studied for a while with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. His stuff is really powerful and different from traditional TKD. That man can kick major ass! Now I live in Bakersfield and train at Bakersfield BJJ with Matt Baker. They just added a Thai boxing instructor too, so I'm stoked! So I learned TKD because it was what was available. After learning it from such a great group of instructors and teammates, I am very grateful to have TKD in my skillset. Has it helped me? You betcha.
    Hee Il Cho guy = good
    History = bad

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    Der may correct me on this but I was taught taekyon was a form of dancing and was even considered as a game I could be wrong however.

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    taekkyon, judo

    =/= dancing
    = game
    = sport
    = fighting

    The taekkyon info quoted in the OP was crap.


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