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    You know what...I also know a guy named Jesse Bragg at Weapons Co. I don't actually know his MOS...maybe 0311...but you probably haven't met him yet as he's with the Marine Corps Shooting Team. I'm not sure if he actually drills anymore or not...he might even be TAD active duty for the competition season. I haven't seen him since October, so not sure. He's prob a Cpl or Sgt, but older as he didn't join until his mid-late twenties.

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    Moose I love how you go away to Marine camp and a couple of months later no longer speak English.

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    Lol...I remember being on leave and a friend asked me when I was going back, and what was my job going to be? I said:

    We'll...1st I'm going to MCT, then SOI because my MOS is 0341....
    he looked at me like I had lost my mind.

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