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    Quote Originally Posted by jnp View Post
    While this scenario is certainly possible, from an outsider's perspective, it seems a tad convenient that Mr. Barbados is deceased.

    Logically, it would seem prudent to try to find other students of Mr. Barbados so that they might independently verify Mr. Fitzpatrick's claims.
    While it would seem prudent logical and prudent it is also likely impossible. According to Mr. Fitzpatrick's story, Mr. Barbados taught him privately out of his home. It is possible that Mr. Fitzpatrick is the one and only student of Mr. Barbados.

    This would be either convienent or unfortunate depending on your point of view.

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    Just a quick observation from the facebook page posted earlier, he now has claimed black belt in bjj

    Black belt (over 15 years.)

    -Grades recognised by uk and international governing bodies including Japan,USA and Europe.

    -British BJJA Champ in 1995. and gold medal 1996.

    -Close Protection officer.(SIA.)

    -Specialist in CQB and weapon work.(martial art weapons and fire arms.)

    -Holding Black Belts in different martial arts-

    -5 th Dan Dentokan Ju Jitsu.

    -4 th Dan Goshin ju jitsu.

    -2 nd Dan Judo.

    -1 st Dan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    - 1 st Dan Tae kwon .

    -Mixed Martial Art Instructor and Consultant.

    However the same site shows him crossing ankles while taking the back

    You cant see his face here, but check the other pics in the album and its clearly him.

    I find it strange that a bjj black belt would teach something like that, perhaps lessening the likelyhood that he was unknowing in regards to Jose Barbados' ability to award black belts

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    Unfortunately, with the lack of information on Mr Barbosa and not even a remote hint at lineage, the only way to verify any claims is to attend a seminar and/or roll with him.

    The pics on Facebook linked to myself and Cletus show a couple of common mistakes in positioning but there is no context on what happened before and after those photos.

    The lack of information and no verifiable lineage arouses suspicion, but there is no way to prove or disprove any of the claims.

    Kintanon: did you end up inviting him to this thread?

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