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    I have no incentive (nor desire) to continue Taekwondo training beyond this year, so I won't be leaving my current school and join another WTF school. The competitions I'm talking about are also relatively local, even if other schools and clubs from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany etc. also find their way to these competitions. I was asking about what drills and what method of training would be most beneficial to WTF sparring competition.
    Example, always two people:

    - One kick (bandal), the other step backs
    - two kick (Bandal, Mondolio), the other step backs
    - Three kicks (Bandal, Mondolio, Twi or Nerio), the other step backs

    - One kick, your partner counteratacks
    - Two kicks, your partner counteratacks
    - Three kicks, your partner counteratacks

    That is a basic drill. The best way is to wear a Hogu and acctualy hit your partner. That way you get used to kicking the right spot.

    For sparring, we spar 30 seconds then change partners, and in the final minutes of the class, everybody sit downs and our teacher ask for volunteers to fight. These are the most fun, because BB go full contact, and the rest of the class are encouraged to support one of the fighters. That way you get used to an actual Tournament.

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    Thank you for the tips, eljue, I'll make sure to tell my colleague about these drills (we're both instructors, but he's the one in charge of these sparring sessions). I know that today we're going to basically just warm up and then spar the majority of the class. It's going to be fun. I don't remember the exact details or how he's planned it, but I think we're having 2 or 3 rounds per match, 1 minute per fight. Now that I think about it, there's going to be a lot of sitting down today... crud.

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    What you describe in your OP sounds like a nice warm up, but that's about it. Does anyone among the group have actual experience sparring WTF? From your OP, I gather not, so correct me if I am wrong.

    If nobody has experience in it, then if they intend to be any good at it, and especially if they intend to compete, locally or not, they should really find someone with experience. While going from ATA sparring to WTF sparring is not so big a leap as going from ATA to BJJ, WTF sparring has its own nuances and peculiarities.

    From what I understand, ATA sparring is light or no contact. Not sure about your group, but WTF is full contact and continuous. Head and face shots are legal with kicks, and not just soft taps.

    Eljue's selection of drills is certainly appropriate, and definitely better than what you described. But if none of you have ever sparred in a WTF tournament before, or sparred in that style, you will need more than that.

    DerAuslander's advice is on target. Find a state-level competition rated Kukki Taekwondo school. If I want to compete in ITF tournaments, I will go to an ITF school and train with them. WTF training would simply not be sufficient. Likewise, if these fellas want to spar in WTF tournaments, they should really go to a WTF club to learn rather than trying to just figure it out themselves (which is what it looks like).

    Best wishes to you,


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    From my days in the University WTF team (red belt).

    Practice bouncing, changing stances, getting in hogu to hogu, and then bouncin back with puchagi, when the ref is ordering you to get space. That is where the majority of points are given.

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