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    Lets look at this from another mindset (outside the box if you will...)

    Why don't you take the opportunity to try something else entirely? I'm sure you can find a club that requires no fee such as wrestling or maybe even judo or boxing. It never hurts to learn something new for your toolbox.

    Try asking people at the school if they train or would be interested in training outside the school. My buddies and I split the price of a small 10x10 puzzle mat for doing drills etc in his garage. Maybe someone already has that setup and could use the partner.

    How about Craig's list and the like? I'm sure there are garage groups out there who wouldn't mind someone new. You teach them X and they can show you Y. Win-Win

    edit: I see this has already been mentioned lol... end edit.

    Last but not least are you in Hawaii? I don't want to assume, but if you are, why not train with the Dog Brothers for example? I guess it depends on which island you live but do you follow my thought process here?

    Outside the box... You could very well end up with some new friends or a new skill set to compliment the one you have.

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    If you are not too proud ask the teacher if you help clean the school can you work out for free actually by being at the school cleaning the students may ask you to jump in to work out with them-even if they practise tactics on you you will learn to defend-defending is as important as being the attacker-shope that helps el lobo blanco (whitewolf) "speed of light"

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    you could try this with rubber tubes / bike inner tubes.
    i used to do hundreds of these everyday and it helped with my seoi nage.

    YouTube- 30(takedown1)perfect Seoi-nage training (Korea jiu jitsu Hapkido)

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