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    I'm surprised Severn isn't up there either. IF you're going by the information then yeah they're all screwed up.

    Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

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    The stats from seem to be accurate and up to date.

    ..isn't bad. Wait .. they have Frank Shamrock as 17-7-2

    Does anyone know an extremely reliable page that has stats and rank in an easy to get at format? I can't seem to find that anywhere.

    I am going to just go with Sherdog unless someone can find a better page on stats.

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    These stats are taking into account all NHB events.

    It is hard to get an accurate record count since the NHB events don't all work together. In Boxing the different mainstream orgs share info about fighters to keep stats correct and to met out contenders. We need a similar system in the MMA world.

    >My personal favorites are: Vanderlei Silva, Mark Kerr Rickson Gracie and Frank Shamrock.

    Silva and Shamrock are two I would love to get in the ring with.

    I love silva but I don't think Frank is all he thinks he is cracked up to be. I don't think he as been tested as much as the others have.

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    Frank Shamrock 18-7-1
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 17-1-1
    Royce Gracie 12-2-1
    Dan Severn 9-4-0
    Murilo "Ninja" Rua 8-1-1
    Karim "Kimo" Sorensen 4-1-1
    Bob Sapp 2-1-0
    Keith Hackney 2-2-0

    You guys are all right. These stats don't give us a total picture. Even Sherdog only takes in account stats from:

    "Ring Wars, UFC, World Fighting Alliance, UA Fighting, King of the Cage, Rage in the Cage, Gladiator Challenge, UCC, Rings (Japanese), Dangerzone, World Fighting Federation, Xtreme Fight Promotions, USWF, Pancrase, Official Shooto page, IVC, IFC, Reality Combat Fighting, Pride"

    Tank Abbot was pit fighting back when it was underground. Marco Ruas was some kind of street fighter back in the day. K1 fighters and boxers.. MT fighters .. challenge matches aren't included. I am not sure anyone can really put together a complete stat page. I am just saying that according to these are their stats. It isn't a clear picture .. but its all I could find.

    Some fighters have faught tougher guys than other fighters. Some are light weights and middle weights. You can't judge a fighter just by his stats.

    I think it is an impressive thing to look at the list up top and see world class boxers, International champ wrestlers (World Cup), NCAA wrestlers, some of the top martial arts instructors from around the world and .. a bunch of athletic and tough guys. Watching them fight it out (no matter what you think of the rules) is very valuable.

    I don't think you can call anyone "the king of combat" or the "Daddy of the UFC" really. All of them who fight long enough lose a few times.

    But some of those guys have pretty impressive records:

    Bas Rutten 26-4-1
    Pat Militech 26-5-2
    Vanderlei Silva 20-3-1
    Frank Shamrock 18-7-1
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 17-1-1
    Mark Weir 17-0-0
    Tito Oritz 14-2-0
    Mark Kerr 13-3-0
    Rickson Gracie 9-0-0

    coming soon:

    (Tito 14-2-0 vs Ken Shamrock 8-4-2)

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    I'm not going to look up any more, you guys can look them up and post them if you want.

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    "I don' know...but I did see him lose in Pancrase. He fell through ropes and smashed his head on the concrete outside the ring." ouch that must of hurt. F.sharock i smy favorite all time, closely followed by V.Silva and maybe Ortiz.
    So who do u think is going to win between Ken and Ortiz [9cham.]?
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    Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

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    Oh crap, I got that stat for Dan Severn from UFC-TV but on Sherdog they have him at 44-6-4. They even have footage of all of them on there. I think a lot of these were from other NHB things before it was as big as it is today. Pit fighting.

    .. and according to Asia Rickson is at 11-0-0. I'll take his word over Sherdog.

    Dan "The Beast" Severn 44-6-4
    Rickson Gracie 11-0-0

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