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    Some NHB greats and their total (not UFC only) NHB records:

    [wins, losses, draws]

    Bas Rutten 26-4-1
    Pat Militech 26-5-2
    Vanderlei Silva 20-3-1
    Mark Weir 17-0-0
    Tito Oritz 14-2-0
    Mark Kerr 13-3-0
    Mark Coleman 12-5-0
    Ricco Rodriquez 11-1-0
    Don Freye 11-1-0
    Vladimir Matyushenko 11-2-0
    Eugine Jackson 11-5-0
    Chuck Lidell 10-1-0
    Murilo Bustamante 10-1-0
    Vitor Belfort 10-3-0
    Rickson Gracie 9-0-0
    Dan Severn 9-4-0
    Ken Shamrock 8-4-2
    Pete Williams 8-5-0
    Tank Abbot 8-7-0
    Randy Couture 7-4-0
    Frank Shamrock 5-0-0
    Maurice Smith 4-3-0

    As you can see, there are only 3 undefeated fighter: Mark Weir, Rickson Gracie and Frank Shamrock. That doesn't really mean a whole lot though. Weir is not a heavyweight and Frank only has 5 wins, Rickson 9. Bas Rutten, Pat Militech and Vanderlei Silva have wins in the 20s. Its hard to really say who is the best or toughest fighter here.

    My personal favorites are: Vanderlei Silva, Mark Kerr Rickson Gracie and Frank Shamrock.

    :is your hero missing, find his stats here:

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    forgot .. Marco Ruas 8-3-2

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    What is Ernesto Hoost's records?

    They say he has 100's of professional fights under his belt but I can't find his record.
    I'll make one when I can find one I like.

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    Well, using the link which I posted above I found his official record within a minute ..

    Ernesto Hoost 0-0-0

    I am guessing he hasn't been in a Pride, UFC or Vale Tudo if he didn't show up on Sherdog. Maybe I am wrong, but its just a guess. The records above are for pro NHB fights. Pit fighting and backyard matches don't count. I have heard of Hoost though. I am not sure where. Is he a K1 fighter or something?

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    oh yea .. okay .. Hoost is like the Michael Jordon of the K1 kickboxing tournaments. I remember now. He isn't a NHB fighter. The K1 has rules kind of like Muay Thai.

    He is a 3 time K1 Grand Prix champ. 1997, 1999 and 2000 also won the 1993 K2. "He has well over 100 professional fights under his belt, is considered by many a living legend."

    But he has never faught in a No-Holds-Barred match or even any type of match where grappling is involved. This doesn't mean he isn't a good fighter. It just means that his record in NHB tournaments is:

    Ernesto Hoost 0-0-0

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    Didn't Frank Shamrock lose to John Lober once?
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    Where's Royce?

    Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

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    "Didn't Frank Shamrock lose to John Lober once?"

    I don' know...but I did see him lose in Pancrase. He fell through ropes and smashed his head on the concrete outside the ring.

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    Yes he did, Frank Shamrock's record is not accurate and neither are some of the others.

    Two guys walk into a bar....ouch that's gotta hurt.

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    According to the official UFC stat page on Frank, he has never competed in anythng but the UFC .. wait, that can't be right .. he is fighting a PrideFC match in a clip on that McBeatdowns download .... lets see what Sherdog says ...

    Frank Shamrock 18-7-1

    that's what I get for trusting that N/A thing that the UFC page had up there. Man, sorry about that.

    Royce Gracie 12-2-1

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