Never Surrender
USA, 2009
Genre: Dramatic Action, Erotica??
87 minutes

Hector Echavarria writes, directs, and stars as a cage fighter who finds himself in the middle of a deadly new tournament.

...and that's the best thing I'm going to say about this movie. I finally found a copy, decided to watch it, and can easily say it is the absolute worst movie I've ever seen. Not just the worst MMA movie, fight movie, or even action movie, but the worst movie I've seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

The acting is terrible, the writing is canned and cliche, the camera work is boring; everything about this movie had me wanting to slam my face into the keyboard in front of me. These sorts of things are usually excusable with martial arts films, where the focus is supposed to be on the action and the fights. But in this case, the fight sequences were EVEN WORSE than the acting. I can't even comprehend how terrible everything in the film was. It's like they somehow thought they could get away without hiring a fight choreographer, proper stuntmen, or even a decent director of photography.

I imagine they must have spent the majority of their budget on hiring the MMA fighters that star in the film, which is the main selling point. You have to give the fighters credit, they did try to at least make an effort to act. Acting, however, like fighting, isn't something you can just pick up and do. Stunt fighting, like real fighting, isn't something you can just pick up and do. There is a reason that people devote years of their life to honing the craft of both, and it's dreadfully obvious that no one in this film bothered to. To be fair, both Rampage and Heath Herring gave pretty decent performances, which I credit to their showboating nature. This is the only reason why I'm willing to say that the acting actually was better than the fighting in this film.

Also, TITS. There's lots of tits in this movie. Tits, graphic nudity, and soft core porn. I would even wager that it makes up a good third of the movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't even enjoy any of it because of how fucking stupid the whole movie was. Oh, and one chick is beaten to death by the bad guy. Thought you should know.

Seriously, this film is absolutely mind-numbingly terrible. It was like it was written by a teenager so that he could star and play out all of his infantile fantasies of being a great fighter, fucking lots of beautiful women, and still getting a happy ending. Except that instead of a teenager, it was a forty year old man. Don't buy it, don't rent it, don't even borrow it from a friend. If you have to watch it, either do it drunk or high out of your mind. And with friends. Preferably with loud music playing in the background.

I've got so much more to say about this movie, but I'd probably be here all night if I wanted to talk about everything that made no fucking sense in this piece of drivel.