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    PC is what you are fed by mainstream media.
    Can we look at this in real detail for a minute? When did we all collectively decide that people like Rupert Murdoch are sweater and teeva sporting pinkos again?

    "The only important elements in any society
    are the artistic and the criminal,
    because they alone, by questioning the society's values,
    can force it to change."-Samuel R. Delany



    It seems that the only people who support anarchy are faggots, who want their pathetic immoral lifestyle accepted by the mainstream society. It wont be so they try to create their own.-Oldman34, friend to all children

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    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post
    The reality answer is we must look at from a statistical viewpoint. If the majority of criminal activity is committed by people who belive in Barney the Dinosaur (put your cause in here), then it might make sense to give those folks, because of their affiliation, some extra scrutiny.
    That's why the US investigates itself with great scrutiny. Every 6 months more Americans kill Americans (about 9000+ homocides) than all the US deaths in Iraq to date (about 4350 so far) and 9/11 (about 3000) combined.

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    Notice: I'm quoting your two posts as one because doing so maintains the sequence and continuity of our debate.
    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post
    Your pic seems to suggest some sort of affiliation with dope, don't know where I got that impression.
    Aha, you've walked into my trap! I made that point to illustrate that assumptions about a person's actions based upon apparent affiliation can be misleading. Your response shows that truly don't see the need for intermediary steps between developing an impression based on affiliation and acting as though that impression is accurate.
    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post
    Your statement assumes that there is no "cause". I completely agree with 4th rights, but we can develop cause or at least resonable suspicion by looking at affiliation.
    My comment above regarding the "trap" already addressed this, but I'll expound a bit further. Suspicion based on affiliation is irretrievably unjust (see also: Joeseph McCarthy, McCarthyism, House Committee on Un-American Activities; Fun Fact: Future President of the United States Ronald Reagan played nice with the committee).

    Is there reasonable suspicion to investigate an individual's potential acts of embezzlement, possession of child pornography, or myriad other crimes because he's a middle-aged white man? Would that change if you knew he was a Catholic priest?
    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post

    Relevance? Making analogies to major events are important for perspective.
    That was a joke, the humor of which comes from years of experience with Internet-based disagreements. For a more direct example of humor which is based on such experience, look at this. By the way, I'm assuming your comment about the Emerald Triangle was a joke.
    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post
    The law of the land? Please, this is a lame statement. PC is what you are fed by mainstream media. The law of the land is what the majority says it is. You might check on that.
    What you previously labeled "the PC answer" is federal law. How is that a lame statement?

    Your definition of "PC" in this context is pathetic. What is the "mainstream media?" Furthermore, why do you assume I'm "fed" anything by said media? Have you not yet noticed that I'm a critical, thoughtful person who doesn't accept things on face value?

    Adding "mainstream media" to the list of American Right Wing Newspeak you've used, I'm starting to develop an impression of your media consumption. Unlike you, however, I'm not going to assume my impression is correct. To further investigate the accuracy of my impression, I'll ask you another question.

    Would you say that Fox News is part of the "mainstream media?"
    Quote Originally Posted by beringc View Post
    my comment to Lord S had nothing to do with these concepts. It was aimed at two things; Scrutiny on who we train and what we train civilians.

    The latter addressing need and purpose.
    Your comment to Lord Skeletor was based on your belief in these concepts, or at least it appeared that way to me (and, I'm guessing, Ming Loyalist).

    EDIT: Instead of waiting for my holiday name change to revert, I'm going to go ahead and return to my original avatar.

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