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    Yeah a CMAER who didn't make up a name.

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    Hey all, coming late to the party. I have been doing research on Ding "Ye YE" (丁鸿奎) as well. It also seems that I know the guy from the other conversation thread. He is a fellow student of Almanzo "Lao Ma" Lamoureux. I am mainly interested in the Tang Quan (推拳) aspects.

    The one thing that I will add to the whole mix is that much of Taiji history is shrouded in folklore and that folklore and history are hard to separate in China.

    Tang Quan it seems is practiced mainly around Wuhan were Lao Ma was teaching at the university. This is where the Snake Hill Pavilion was located, and Lao Ma was the only western student of Ding "Ye Ye". Wuhan is in the Hubei province, so I believe was Snake Hill Pavilion (I am bad with geography even here). Tang Quan is also known as Bagua Tang Quan (八卦唐拳) and has many weapons forms, most notably the TaiShi Bian(太师鞭).

    I am specifically looking for video, instructional or otherwise from this system. Lao Ma turns 70 this upcoming year, and I thought it would be a fitting tribute.

    Ronin, if your teacher could point the direction, that would be great. Here is a link with more information. It is in Chinese, and Google does a horrible job of translating.


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