Two big events coming up for FILA Pankration and Grappling:

4th World Pankration Championship
Cracow, Poland 26-28 March 2009
This event was pushed up, current Team USA members will have first choice to attend the worlds.

To fill other open spots we are planning a World Team Trials Tournament early Feb. This tournament will fund tournament champions Travel to and from Poland for the World Championhsips. More details will be posted soon.....

Pankration poclamation:

Grappling proclamation:

Mens Weight classes:
132 (60k)
143 (65k)
154 (70k)
165 (75k)
176 (80k)
198 (90k)
242 (110k)
Open Weight

Womens Weight Classes:
Open weight

*The organizing committee for the World Combat Games in China will fund travel and lodging expenses for the World Champions and Top Eight finalists in the WCG represented Pankration and Grappling weight classes:
Men -154(70k),176(80k),198(90k)- Women 132(60k)
*Other Weights will not be represented in the World Combat Games.

See Qualification System for World Combat Games:

1st SportAccord Combat Games
Beijing (CHN) 03-04 September 2010,00.html

These games are recognized under the International Olympic Committee and will feature multiple combative sports to include Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Sombo, Wu Shu, Muay Thai, Japanese Ju Jitsu, Sumo, Karate and FILA Wrestling.

FILA events will include Menís Pankration and Grappling at 154lbs (70kilos), 176lbs (80kilos) and 198lbs (90kilos) along with Womenís Grappling at 132lbs (60kilos). The organizing committee will fund qualified athletes travel and lodging.