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    I wish I had seen this post but I just recently signed up for this blog and moved from the El Paso area. Interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by XJJ View Post
    My name is Ruben Marquez, I train under Master Benny. Just to make this clear. I am writing this on my own with influence from no one. I am a wrestling coach with 25 years of experience coaching both youth and high school levels, and both wrestle and train. I have read all the comments following this first post and I makes me laugh that grown men act so foolish and worry so much about bells and whistles and how pretty a building is or it's decor. All I can say is come check it out. (the training and techniques-what truly matters) I have made many an invitation to come and roll with benny and see for yourself you can be a black belt of any degree or lineage. From any name brand dojo, does not matter. Our new address is 6969 industrial inside dream arena. You can come in any time to free roll and you will be surprised that this 145 lbs older man will take it to you. With that said one of the Bennyism of Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu is roll to learn not to win. We are a no bully zone. Still the invitation stands. Oh and one last comment. Do not talk trash about people you don't even know. I'm sorry Master Benny but I could stay quiet no longer.
    Thank you for your response. Understand that most of us on this site merely want honesty and evidence to be revealed. Nothing more. The last thing that we want is another pissing contest. My suggestion is to read through the thread and find the specific problems people have presented and retort. Again, thanks for your response.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galope View Post
    You are so lulzy. Did you really need to necro a thread just because your feelings were hurt?
    Lurk more and post less.

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    Yes but Ruben a lot of us on this site (in varying degrees) have dedicated our lives to the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. When someone is teaching bjj techniques and calling themselves a black belt (while only having one in some traditional form of ju-jitsu) is pretty deceiving. He talks about winning the pan ams but there is no mention that he did it at blue belt and in a senior division. There is a world of difference between a black belt gold medalist in the adult division as opposed to the say senior 3 division at blue belt. For one, most of those divisions only have like 3 competitors to begin with. All that being said no one is saying your instructor can't grapple, just that he grossly misrepresented credentials which is a big deal to most of us no matter how much you respect the guy.

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