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    I burned myself with a magnifying glass once.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    Let us see: a winter survival kit.

    You'll need 2 good knives: one steath (none of those with the hollow handle) to be a general cutting/chopping tool, and a multi-tool. (In the hands of a skillful and knowledgeable individual, the knife is a survival kit unto itself.)

    Fire-starters: get those flint/magnesium strikers. They're cheap as dirt and can start sh*tloads of fires.

    First aid kit: get some versatile antibiotics, something to close off any wounds/cuts...

    Misc.: A bear repellant spray (since those furry bastards usually live where it's cold), a snake bite kit, honey (not kidding), and a good camo tent and net.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Stiglitz View Post
    Grant.. I started reading your post and assumed you'd gone man-down whilst out in the ****, then I read the COD4 comment and I thought OMFG. You went down whilst playing a game !!! LMFO the patrol kit you were obviously carrying was too much troop.

    Hope you're well bro.
    My wife made me stop wearing my body armor and chest rig while playing. At one point she just said "I don't fucking care, I don't believe you have PTSD and it 'makes you feel better'. You're ruining the fucking chair!".
    She was right, the chair is odd now.
    We're suposed to be "ending the combat role" in 2011. Guys are cutting throats trying to get on the last few tours.

    Are you home yet?
    And how did you burn yourself with a magnifying glass? Please don't tell me you were trying to look at the sun.
    You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigour of other, more righteous souls. Your are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honourable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it

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    How cold?

    I am stationed at Fort Wainwright and we take the cold seriously. There is a huge difference between 30 degrees and negative 30 degrees.

    Survival training?

    It should be focused on getting 3 things: Getting shelter, getting warm, getting help.
    If your gear has other **** in it that doesn't pertain to those 3 things you are wasting space.

    ALIT (arctic light infantry training) packing list provide a pretty good base but even that has a bunch of unneccessary items. Skill > Gear. Take a look at what the Eskimo types carried in the past.

    Know how to hunt? Fish? Build simple shelters?

    Those are some survival skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Tycho?] View Post
    Just a little note on Duct tape.

    Its pretty bulky in roll form, and can be hard to find space for. I carry around "pocket duct", which is just duct tape folded into squares. You don't get a huge amount of the stuff, but more than enough for patching a whole in a tent or fixing your bag. Very portable, super cheap as well.
    Wrapping it around a credit card makes it easy to carry and dispense as well.

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