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    Payment received..
    About 50% of this was attributable to screw ups on the part of third parties and misinformation..the other 50% was just outright playing games.
    For what reason, I have no idea.:jerkit2yf
    I am just glad the poster and items went somewhere they will be appreciated.
    I only need one more TPB and I will have all the Garth Ennis-scripted Punisher comics (both MAX and MARVEL KNIGHTS).I am waiting for ARMY OF ONE to arrive in the mail.:XXjester::new_2guns
    Hooray !
    " If one wants to have a friend one must also want to wage war for him: and to wage war one must be capable of being an enemy." - Fr. Nietzsche 'On The Friend' Thus Spake Zarathustra

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    The only person that should be allowed to write Punisher comics.

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    Ive made a few purchases through the classifieds and had no major issues. Wondering if anyone has any Jeet Kune Do training vids or any other written training material.

    Ive checked out but I havent been able to find much else on the net.

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    good advice! i am thinking this is important!

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