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    They called me Piglet.

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    Lee, what you offered us would not have validated your claims.

    Good with the nickname, what about the class number?

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    If Spook is willing to provide his real name to Blacksmith Seal I could then try to reach Eric Haney who used to a Sergeant Major with Delta Force, and set him up with Blacksmith Seal so we could confirm Spook's identity. What do you say Spook, a couple of phone calls we could resolve this whole thing. Go on, prove our suspicions wrong.

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    All I read is blah blah blah BS blah blah blah blah.
    Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!


    Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
    -Gene, GODHAND

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    Hi, I do civilian-military-covert-black-ops-alien hunter-company-S.C.U.B.A.-elephant seal-walrus-special-blast hole manuvers for various rogue "government" agencies.
    Want to see my website? The codeword's "Starfish".

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    Well, I sure can't comment on his military claims, but he sure seems to be a certifiable expert in VERBAL evasion and redirection tactics. He is asked simple questions for easy to provide pieces of information that could quickly verify his numerous claims, yet he responds with pages full of meaningless crap. If he were the real thing, he would have ponied up by now and been proven right.
    Deluxe247 tells it like it is:

    you ninja fags just got owned in a bad way. this thread should go to the classics and mega thread forum due to the sheer size of taebo_master and gajusceaser's penis. (with which they just smacked across these ninja's faces)

    This Classic Thread - ber=14

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    Seriously, I made it to E5 in less than 5 years (if memory serves). Would have had my 6 by 6, but by then I was fed up with the bullshit in the enlisted ranks and decided if I wasn't going to OCS, then I needed to ETS since NCO retirement pay sucks and I didn't want to salute a snot-nosed 2Lt after spending 20+ years in the Army.

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    Yeah. This guy is bullshit guys. Don't even bother with him. Eric Haney is great though. I met him this Veteran's day. Inside Delta Force is a fantastic book.

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    I'm an army contractor
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    who likes ribs?
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    I figure fighting a group of chunners would be like water torture, its not the force as such, just the constant trickle of chain punches wearing down your sanity. -The Juggernoob

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    english majors....

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