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    Trash Talks In DREAM vs Sengoku Dynamite!! Presser


    The rules for the DREAM vs. SRC fights will be three five minute rounds and no stomps or soccerkicks (taking the bad from both). Referees will be mixed from both organizations. I don’t think the judging is decided yet.

    Kazushi Sakuraba is injured and will most likely not participate. 1-2 more fights will be added (probably one of them being Kazuo Misaki vs. Melvin Manhoef).

    Kawajiri wasn’t very motivated at the press conference: “I have no interest in this fight and I’m not motivated either.”

    Omigawa and Takaya sounded more hyped for their fight though. Omigawa said that he thinks they are the best two Japanese featherweights.

    Yokota is motivated to fight Kawajiri since Kawajiri is quite a big name now. He thinks that he’d take Kawajiri in a K-1 fight (Yokota has fought in shootboxing, bare-knuckle muay thai, kickboxing, etc. before with good results).

    Aoki interrupted Yokota as he talked about beating Kawajiri in K-1: “Enough already. Be quiet, you.”

    The glare of Aoki

    However, Yokota just continued and said that he thinks he would be able to do more against Masato (than Kawajiri did) and he wants to show that in this fight.

    After this Kawajiri said that he wants to meet the new year in a good way, fight with all his might, kill Yokota, etc.

    Hirota said that it doesn’t seem like Aoki know about him (Aoki said at the first Dynamite!! press conference that he doesn’t know who the SRC champion is): “Should I put a heavy strike on him?”

    Takaya said that the audience should obey the rules (there was an incident at the Featherweight GP finals where Takaya’s gang caused some trouble at the event): “I want you to be quiet and watch, and leave the fighting to me and Omigawa.”

    Omigawa said that Takaya will be his favorite food on NYE. Both are excited, Omigawa said that because Takaya is the opponent in the “Kusottare Theatre” everything worked out as he desired. He says that they’ll have a violent and good fight on NYE. Takaya shares the same feelings.

    "Choding" Aoki ("Elementary school kid" Aoki)

    When the fighters were going to have their pitcure taken together after after the press conference Kawajiri just left and Aoki was going to do the same but DREAM EP Sasahara grabbed him and showed him where to stand.

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    Eh, Kawajri is a GnP style grind fighter. Kazunori Yokota (who is he anyways) is also silly to talk about Masato. Though I haven't followed much K-1 MAX lately, can't recall Yokoto winning any K-1 MAX GP's lately.

    Apparently this happened in the press conference as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by Michihiro Omigawa

    "I'm going to fight against Takaya. I think he is the strongest opponent for me. I'm happy to fight him. I'm so excited I'm trying to stop myself from dribbling here.”
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    This article has had a certain effect on my visual presentation on this message board.

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    With Sakuraba out, I care less and less about this event. I'll watch, but I don't care almost at all about any of the fighters mentioned in this article. MMA in Japan sucks more by the day.

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    Kawajiri and Aoki underestimating Yokota and Hirota is a very very dangerous thing to do

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    i would like to follow it but honestly, they all look the same and have the same name to me so its quite hard.


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