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    Nick Diaz Talks Marius Zaromskis


    seems like Nick doesn't know what will come his way on the 30th when he fight Zaromskis, he's talking about Sakurai and Cung Le when Zaromskis is determined to take his head off. Zaromskis must be liking Nick's mindset on this fight because it's all the same with his opponents he fought in the DREAM GP. If Nick will do a Frank/Smith tactic on this fight, Zaromskis will likely outspeed and outstrike him. I don't think Nick will be able to take Zaromskis down cause Jason High who's a good wrestler can't take Marius down.

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    I love me some Diaz but "the whitemare" is going to make my main man middlefinger earn that strap. I'm predicting Diaz via split decision.


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