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Since you're actually serious. I'll seriously reply to you.

Yeah, I do. I go around traveling when I have the money and spar with people in whatever manner they feel comfortable. I'm not saying I go around beating people up, I just go and spar them. Seriously.

See, here's the thing, I don't really give a **** about what people practice. As I said, most of you are doing a live action role play of action movie star guy Jet Li or whatever. So really it doesn't matter. What DOES bother me is when someone does something really tarded out like, "OH yeah KRAV MAGA IS LIKE THE GREATEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD BECAUSE IT IS THE DEADLIEST EVER."

It's not the statement that I get annoyed with, not because it's wrong, but because it is so obnoxiously embarrassing. I can't tell people that I practice martial arts because of stupid fucks like this without being horribly embarrassed. It's retards who got beat up in high school like this that ruin it for me. You can't tell some average joe that you do martial arts without those ridiculous "WOOO HAAAA WAAYTAAA!" faggots coming around to mock you. And what the **** are you supposed to do? Punch them? It's not their fault they're dumbshits. They're mocking you because of dipshits who say something like, "KRAV MAGA IS THE GREATEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD BECAUSE IT IS SO DEADLY." Some people on this site like to battle bad practitioners who like to falsify their records. That doesn't actually personally affect me. You know what does? That's right, faggots who say **** like this. In Japan, Thailand, Laos, Phillipines, etc. When you say that you are a martial artist, people show some variety of respect. Here in America? You're probably a glorified babysitter. **** that ****. The study of fighting is no less impressive than say... getting a degree in Literature or Physiology. It requires so much work and so much time and effort. The strain mentally and physically are just as bad if not worse.

But for what? I've been training for close to 13 years now and I rarely tell people I train because of the stigma. That is the **** that bugs me. Of course now we have assholes in MMA who make fighters look to be meathead tard cum saucers.

Oh and yes, I've sparred some Krav Maga "masters." You know what it was? Bad Karate, Judo, Aikido. It's bad and it is stupid. Krav Maga guys are just as bad as Isshin Ryu, Aikido, Yellow Bamboo, etc. faggots. All of them. They all do the same thing to queer up the sport that I love the most. **** them all.
oh ****! So basically you guys have fucked with Sirc enough that he's actually being serious...cut that mess out!!