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    Quote Originally Posted by azn ninja lady View Post
    PLease excuse my own error. I cannot believe I would have forgotten, I believe it was the Guardian Angels that Tony was a member of, not Black Panthers. Please forgive my hasty post on that. I am still verifying these two groups, but I will better know tomorrow.
    I see you posted a link to a Time article, which I will read, thank you.
    The Black Panthers and Guardian Angles are very different groups.

    I did not come on here to stir anything up or place false information. Should I by error, I will own up to my mistakes. However, I don't delibrately enter into anything attempting to slander anyone. I think I made an honest mistake and apologize for that.
    On another note, anything else I have stated, I stand by that. As I said, I would be more than happy to discuss further with you of how I know, but preferably privately.
    Unfortunately, when discussing the reputation of a subject, accusations, both good or bad, needs to be discussed and vetted in public. We cannot state this man was/was not a Grandmaster in public, then discuss the supporting proof in private.
    That is intellectually dishonest.

    When it comes to training the military, I'm sure it would be difficult to verify that going through the military, unless you personally know someone in it who can look into it for you, but you can start with Mac Dill AFB in Tampa Fl.
    As I am new to this discussion, I don't know if anyone has pursued this avenue, but thank you.

    He is a man that has been part of a family for nearly 30 years and know him very intimately. He is a follower of Christ and changed when he entered into this family and became a family man (mid 80's). There were issues with the crowd he ran around with when he was younger, in the 80's, and therefore the part of him ever being employed by NYPD does not seem possible and I have never heard of that ever in the time I have ever known of him. Of course i could be wrong, but that is not familiar to me. I will find out that information tomorrow though. But I do know he has never been in the military!
    Mistakes of one's youth and current spiritual enlightenment aside, if he is claiming ranking yet cannot provide the information to verify it, is the question.
    This is often called the "He's A Good Guy" argument. Are you aware of any of his martial arts training?

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    First and foremost, you're right! I wish I hadn't posted that first one. But it definitely was the Guardian Angels. For personally viewing his own training in any form of martial arts, no I have not. I can only say, I have never had any doubt of any of it (which I have learned the differences in the "evidence" rules). I have personally known him since mid 90's.
    He never did work for NYPD, he did work as an unarmed guard in a ny hospital though.
    I had two other posts that I do not see here (from last night), which is ok. Basically I had stated that I don't mind saying who I am or what I know, just not openly where he or someone close to him could read it (they would know who I am). I tried to send a private msg and it wouldn't allow me to. I'm still figuring how the site works and all the rules.
    I will find out where he supposedly trained/learned martial art.

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    In regards to this hall of fame, the only thing I can locate him on for any hall of fame listing is at this site. I was only able to pull him on the past inductee list. I search for him on the official HOF and as I'm sure others have. I was not able to find him, of course. It would make sense that he probably wouldn't have been since the claim is for 1994 and they official HOF WLwasnt established until 1999. The link I am including was established in 1979 so its probably what he is referring to.

    I can say that he has not been teaching in the last month or so due to a hip surgery done a month ago. He at this time is not using a cane anymore and with a slight limp. He also still has classes in his home now (again).

    After trying to show what I can, the only thing I can partially help with disproving are :
    1) never in military
    2) never a police officer with NYPD

    What I can provide to start with on what he's done:
    1) only an unarmed cop/guard at NY hospital
    2) member of the Guardian Angels a.k.a. Red Berets a.k.a. The Magnificent 13.
    3) start with Mac Dill AFB on training soldiers (confidential info someone as myself would not be privy to)

    I am still gathering anything I possibly can though for anything else.

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    I don't know if you guys are still interested in discussing Tony, but I was a roommate of his at college in New York in 1982, and I can verify a couple of things. First, he was a member of the Guardian Angels in NYC. Second, he was a proficient martial artist at that time. Third, he was primarily a Kung Fu sylist. I don't know about all the other claims to belts that he has now. I do remember a photo of him performing a Kung Fu form of some sort.

    Further, sometime around the mid-90s, I visited him in his apartment in New York, and his living room was full of huge martial arts trophies. What they were for, I didn't look (ie forms, sparring, etc.), but just scanning the room, you could see that he had done well in the tourney circuit. So his base is strong.

    Some of that other stuff, 10th Dan and all that, who knows.

    His age is around 50, not sixty or near it as someone said. He also had training in weapons.

    I don't think he was ever in the military, because I knew him from about when he was 18 or 20 to 35, and there was no military time during that period.

    I hope that helps.

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