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    Master Young Sun Kang

    Does anyone have any information on this guy? He used to have several schools in KY under the American Martial Arts Associaton.

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    What did he teach?

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    He was the Master Instructor of several Taekwon Do schools. He had instructors teach for him. He was supposedly the head of the USTA in the 80's as well.

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    I knew him

    I checked his Credintials some years ago. He is a skilled Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. I had heard that he Owed Child Support and was arrested for non payment of Child Support. I checked with the Kentucky State Police and the Local Law Enforcement Officers in the Community and No Arrest according to them ever occured.
    I heard he moved back to him home land in Korea. I tried to Locate him on a recent trip to Korea with no luck. He has been off the radar and the grid for many many years.

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    I would like to know where he is. I taught for him way back in the day.

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    Didn't he sell his school to Master Yun Kil Kim in the mid 80's? I want to say 1986. Anyone here continue with Master Kim, then? If so, what was that like?


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