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    Columbus MMA (Columbus, OH)

    Columbus MMA (formerly IMB of Columbus) has been a part of the martial arts scene in Central Ohio for over 15 years! And though it has seen some changes over the last few years, the quality of our instructors & our students has continued to excel!

    Columbus MMA has maintained strong alliances to several of the most respected organizations in the Martial Arts community, including:

    IMB Academy / http://www.imbacademy.com
    Team Jorge Gurgel / http://www.teamjorgegurgel.com
    Sityodtong USA (West Coast Affiliate) / http://www.sityodtongusa.com

    We currently offer instruction in the following classes:
    -Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    -Muay Thai
    -Submission Grappling
    -Kids and Young Adult Training programs
    -Private Marital Arts Training
    -Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

    At Columbus MMA, we provide a unique approach to teaching. This is truly a school where a person can "train like a fighter, without having to be one"! (unless you want to be a fighter)

    We have all levels of students, from professional fighters to beginners. The experience of our instructors makes the learning curve short & class’s fun! Our staff is dedicated to providing quality training to all those who wish to learn.

    Columbus MMA offers the following amenities:
    * 1,300 SQ feet of mat space
    * 16' Floor Ring
    * Multiple Heavy & Thai Bags
    * Conditioning & Strength Training Equipment
    * Thai Boxing & MMA Training equipment
    * Dressing room
    * Waiting Room with T.V.

    Whether your goal is stay in shape, learn self-defense, or become the next great MMA fighter...Columbus MMA can make it happen!

    Dustin Ware
    Columbus MMA
    4-Stripe BJJ Brown Belt

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    Hey Dustin, thanks for the review. You forgot to assign number ratings though.

    Here's a quick guide: Ratings and You --- Read This Before Posting Your Review. - No BS MMA and Martial Arts


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