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    Forum F-ery Friday: The Martial Developmentally Disabled

    Artist's depiction of a day at the Martial Development Blog Headquarters

    As a guy who runs an online community comprised of the world's smartest violent people, I get lots of PMs. (Why yes, dear reader, that was meant as a sort of double-entendre; how astute of you to notice.)

    Many of the Private Messages I get engender a reaction that I imagine is a lot like Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. My blood pressure increases, I get a dull throb at the front of my skull, and the temptation to stab my fellow human beings makes a concerted effort to bypass the bulwark of my common sense.

    That's not to say that all PM interactions here are bad. The ones you, Cowardly Lurker, in particular, send me are just fine.

    Anyway, not too long ago I got a PM from an earnest member who'd come across a mention of us in a blog post. The post referenced Sean Treanor's Stanford Journalism class article that profiled our awesomeness. The member seemed to be of the opinion that the folks on said blog had just gotten the wrong idea about what we do and that it would be productive for us to make some effort towards clearing up the misconceptions.

    Sounds good to me; I've done this kind of thing a thousand times and we've gotten some good members out of such Internet ambassadorship efforts.

    Of course, such outreach programs only work when the person you're attempting to have a conversation with isn't a complete and utter twat.

    Chris "H--", seems to be the sole proprietor of The Martial Development Blog; a home for Developmentally Disabled Martial Artists. Oh wait, sorry, that's not their actual tagline; "Unlocking human potential through martial arts" is.

    Yeah, that verbiage alone should send a red flag-waving marching brigade crashing into your mental living room if you've been hanging around this place long enough. The notion that there's "human potential" that needs to be "unlocked" absolutely drips with paranormal implications, mysticism, and the kind of thinking that's rooted in a deep desire to be able to cast "Sticks to Snakes" if you get enough experience points to reach level 7.

    Or as James Randi would say: "that's some Yellow Bamboo BOOLSHIT!" (if he'd been raised by a black family in the deep south).

    To be honest, I missed those red flags upon first glance. Because much like a cop, after seeing his second "hooker disemboweled and stuffed into hefty bag", I tend to instinctively tune out a lot stuff and stick to the bare essential facts and evidence. I helps to keep my sanity and some semblance of respect for other members of my species.

    However, only a few sentences into this twat's diatribe, it became increasingly obvious that there was little point in dealing with this person as a peer.

    If you've read one chi-hugger apologist's rant about us, you've read a thousand. But what made this one special was the smug, pseudo-intellectual tone with which the author delivers the diatribe. The blog post read like it was delivered through spectacles and down the nose of a 90lb, aspie, community college librarian who couldn't apply his doctorate in Sinophilia towards employment in any other career field.

    While attempting to lambaste us for our "populist reasoning" (his assumptions of which aren't even accurate to begin with), "Chris H" even manages to imply that he himself is a legitimate researcher.

    So we do the dance. I respond, doing what I do, if not best then with some degree of proficiency. He responds with the tone of someone that's managed to make it halfway into life without ever getting punched in the mouth. I respond again. He, of course, locks the comments down after getting in one last, limp-wristed jab.

    And here, as we always provide in this pseudo-column, are the screencaps of the exchange; which I have compiled in order to save you from getting dirt on your brain by actually visiting this person's site (and partially as a record in case he decides to delete them):

    Giving this dickwad the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's not an intellectual and moral coward. Perhaps he only locked down the comments because it takes a great deal of effort to type out responses with your pinky fingers in the air.

    If you are a glutton for punishment:

    Here's the blog post in question.

    Here's a related blog post where he implies James Randi is running a scam with his million dollar prize.

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    I do like that he hates bullshdio but, breaks one of our vital "mob justice rules." If you have evidence produce it if not, shut the **** up.

    He was asked to produce evidence that the ads on bullshido lead to who is investigated.

    Funny that many of the MABS threads started when this website HAD NO ADVERTISEMENTS.

    Chris // Nov 26, 2009

    I must be progressing in my studies–I become more inscrutable every day!

    Seriously though, there is a mountain of evidence behind my comments. The mountain is not coming to you however; so, if you want to see it, better start walking.

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    Honest, I don't see how he can accuse the site of having a 'guilty until proven innocent' mindset. If anything, it's the exact opposite. We keep assuming that a given poster can back up his claims with concrete evidence or, at the very least, sound reasoning. We assume their innocence in the matter; the Bullshidoka prove their guilt.

    I mean, honest, check the Brinn investigation. He keeps getting chances to prove himself and he consistently fails. How have we assumed his guilt? If we had, we wouldn't have even given him a chance to come throw down.

    Just... wow. This guy fails.

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    We need to find out which of his cronies we "insulted." That is usually how it goes. The thing is, people never see how many threads get dumped and changed in trollshido.

    There was one moved the other day where the person tried to lie about a one year BJJ Blue Belt program.

    There is another one concerning a couple of Traditional Martial artists. Slowly, there are things in the works to remedy this obvious mistake.

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    I read some other articles and Chris's comments to them...

    HE HATES MMA, that's all and he's trying to come up with reasons for this hate

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    Chris needs to wash the sand out of his mangina.

    That one act would probably help his human potential more than any martial art development.

    What's with the ol'wrestler blowtard? Talk about bitter old men.

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    I particularly enjoyed his going on about 'null-A logic' in the comments. Interesting that he chose a non-standard logic largely popular from science fiction books.

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    Apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, i just lost 20 minutes and a large amount of brain cells reading the blog posts. IF you'er thinking about reading them don't do it.

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    I spent a while reading his comments. What a douche, he seriously needs to step the **** up and provide proof for his ideas or shut up.

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    He doesn't like that martial arts are about fighting:

    He likes applying concepts like evolution and product lifetimes to MMA, in order to "prove" that it's "just a fad" or "not better than the **** he does," regardless of whether the analogy holds (he doesn't really try to make any connection; he just applies the formula).

    Of course, in his dojo, you can subcontract your in-class, to-the-death, eye-gouging kumite matches to a friend for a cut of the winnings:
    Do the guys who make this argument ever think to themselves, " can't do that in (___insert martial art that they do___) either!" ?

    And some pure WTF:

    And he misunderstands the concept of "add dirt" or delivery-systems-before-tricks:
    What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates

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