Hi Thanks for your suggestions. I decided to give the Kensa lot a go as suggested and give them benefit of the doubt. I was also curious to see if they were a mcdojo. Without a doubt they are a mcdojo. Which is why I'm posting. If anyone else in the hampshire area is thinking of giving them a go - don't! The assistant chief instructor is so fat that no way could I get a proper guard (?) on him - he is the one with his foot on the chief instuctors backside in the photos. The chief instructor was not much slimmer! It also turns out that they are father and son - the black belt held by the assistant was 'given' to him by his father. According to the others there he's been a black belt from the start. The instructor also thought pressure points are funny - meaning he liked to go round randomly applying them repeatedly so you screamed. He apparently also does this in the kids class - puts pressure on the saffonous (?) nerve - so I won't be taking my kids there! With only one or two exceptions the people at this club are 'large' including the assistant chief instructor so learning the tecnhiques was difficult as predicted by diesel_tke. Also, the two instructors seemed to contradict each other all the time though the instructor was the worse as he kept contradicting himself about how a move should be done - confusing himself so much he'd end up telling us to adapt it until it worked for us. Fitness level was shockingly low there. It was also very rough - win by weight and muscle power seemed the order of the day. Perhaps the only thing I learnt was how it must feel like to be a pancake! They were appalling at stand up fighting.

I will check out the club suggested by sushi-boy after christmas - thanks for that it looks good. I did also see another ju jitsu club in the town centre so might check that out too. I might just decide to stick with just doing karate though and not do two martial arts at the same time. I like the fact I can dodge out of danger in Karate but in the 'ground' fighting of ju jitsu am pretty much trapped once underneath someone.

Thanks again for the help.